The next evolution in Energetic Testing

Take your healthcare practice to the next level

The Qest4 is the most advanced, flexible and user-friendly bio-energetic testing device available

Instant Insight

The Qest4 bioenergetic testing system complements your healthcare training and expertise by testing your clients’ response to thousands of informational signatures and receiving immediate feedback.  An individualised set of signatures is identified at each client visit, helping to inform next steps and guide your client consultations.

With over 40,000 individual signatures, the Qest4 database gives you access to tried and tested pre-configured protocols, as well as the ability to create your own unique tests, reflecting the needs of your practice.

Successfully used worldwide by homeopaths, nutritional therapists, kinesiologists, naturopaths, health coaches and within the spa and wellness sector.

The benefits of Qest4 to your healthcare practice

Fully Portable

Light and portable, giving you freedom to take your Qest4 and laptop wherever you go. Ideal for multiple clinic locations.

Remote Consultations

The option to carry out consultations remotely, allowing you to suppport clients anywhere in the world.

Energetic Imprint

The resonance-response process allows information to be ‘re-imprinted’ via liquid medium or laser light, used as a carrier.

Complete Package

Including hardware, software, training, world-wide support, all future software updates and three year warranty.

Join Our Community

A private online forum of practitioners from around the world to interact with and share tests, ideas and inspiration.

Want to find out more?

Using the Qest4

Operating the light and portable Qest4 with its user-friendly interface is very easy. Simply select the tests you wish to run, usually starting with a broad-based test, such as the Comprehensive Analysis. Your client takes hold of the brass handpieces and the energetic responses are available in moments.

You can use the pre-built testing protocols, as well as create your own protocols that reflect your clinical approach. The software gives a clear display of the results and printable reports can be generated in seconds.

Choose your Device - Bluetooth or USB


Ideal for multiple clinic locations. Connects wirelessly to your laptop and features built-in hand masses. Includes plug-in hand masses for use as desktop device, robust carry case, charger, hand mass holder, imprintable laser, training and 3-year warranty.


The original Asyra-style desktop device. Connects to your computer or laptop with a USB cable. Includes robust carry case, charger, hand mass holder, imprintable laser, training and 3-year warranty.

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To discuss how your practice can benefit from the latest in energetic testing technology, or to book a demonstration of the Qest4, contact us now.
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