Qest4 Advanced Web Training

QEST4 Advanced Web Based Training: The Key to Bioresonance Success

Qest International is pleased to offer this 10 sessions training course for QEST4 practitioners with Marcia Pitman: bioresonance practitioner, author and trainer.

The course is guided by a 298 page textbook, and presents a comprehensive approach to reduce toxic load, strengthen immune defences and support organ systems using QEST4 bioresonance technology.

The webinar series is presented live on Wednesday’s from 09.30am – 10.30am GMT and are recorded so the course can be follwoed in your own time.

Live session times
November 2015: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
December 2015: 2nd, 9th
January 2016: 13th, 20th, 27th
February 2016:  3rd

Price £495

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The course in more detail:

Bioresonance has three functions:

  • to reduce the load of stressors confronting the body’s defence mechanisms
  • to improve those mechanisms so that the body’s natural healing capacities are boosted
  • to provide support to ailing organs or those which are overworking.

By these three interventions, bioresonance improves the body’s capacity to energise its own metabolic processes. It seeks to address the body as a whole, rather than focus only on its parts.

The first aspect of the course explores our model of illness and illustrates that chronic disease seldom arises from a single assault, but is the outcome of multiple stressors which overwhelm the body’s healing capacities. The dominant cause and precise combination of factors underlying any given degenerative health condition will vary across individuals and various conditions.

The second aspect of the course will cover the Total Body Load concept of clinical ecology. When an individual’s total load exceeds their current tolerance, they will become ill and remain that way until either the toxic load reduces or their defence mechanisms improve to allow them to detoxify.
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About Marcia Pitman
Marcia Pitman R.N. Dip BRT comes to Bioresonance from an extended career in nursing. With over 15 years’ subsequent experience as a practitioner and managing her successful practice in Brisbane, Australia. She has been providing comprehensive training for practitioners across the Asia-Pacific region for over 10 years and is passionate about empowering  both practitioners and people in their quest to find health.

She has co-authored with Dr Louise Porter,  two books on Bioresonance: ‘Bioresonance explained’ and ‘Theory of Energetic Healing’.

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