Bioresonance, Energetic Testing & Meridian Stress Assessment

Meridian Stress Assesment (MSA) is another term that reflects the methodology built into the QEST4 Bioresonance system. The differences between bioresonance, energetic testing and meridian stress assessment lie only in the perspective from which the technique is  being examined.

Bioresonance refers to the phenomenon found in nature that extends the simple observation of resonant frequencies in  materials that respond to specific vibrations. Looked at from the bioresonance perspective, the  latest QEST4 system sends out multiple imprinted signatures (each one a sequence of single resonances) and checks the response obtained via the handpieces.  In what is sometimes called ‘treatment mode’ the system is simply re-broadcasting the resonance patterns that were found to generate an above or below average response from the body-mind system. This is measured via a change in electrical response at the skin surface.

Energetic or bio-energetic testing refers to the same process but emphasises the responsive character of the process.  There are a variety of ways of obtaining ‘energetic’ test responses, which really means to ‘ask a question’ of  the body-mind system and obtain a response via the body’s physiology. The response is interpreted, not by comparing to population averages as with a laboratory test, but in relation to other aspects of that individual’s responses. We might look at which responses were stronger at the time of testing, what order of priority did they appear in and how are they grouped together.

When we use the phrase ‘Meridian Stress Assessment’ (MSA), the focus is shifting to the theoretical mechanism of gaining readings or responses from the body.  In Chinese medicine there has long been a recognition of subtle channels of electrical flow in the body that are not associated with major tissue structures. Recent microscopic studies have begun to verify the physical manifestation of the meridian system which are being termed Bonghan channels.

Taking an electrical response reading using the handpieces of the QEST4 system, is considered to be gauging the response of the body to a signal via the meridian system. Much work was done from the 1950s onwards on this technique, initially using single acu-points on the hands and the feet, requiring great operator skill and time. QEST4 automates and self-checks the responses so that you don’t have to master this manual skill and can spend more time engaging with your client.

The Qest4 Bioresonance System is perfect for therapists and alternative practices.

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