Surrogate or Remote Testing

The topic of surrogate or remote testing is a particularly difficult one to write a consistent account of, as the methods recommended vary so widely, and the underlying beliefs are not usually talked about much.   Many practitioners achieve wonderful outcomes for clients using surrogate methods, and it has certainly become more popular in recent years, with a dramatic increase at the current time of Covid19.

Surrogate testing basically refers to doing an energetic test (remember our down to earth view of what that means: simply to ask the body-mind system a question or series of questions and gather the responses via a physiological signal like muscle or electrical response) but without using the body of the client in the ‘circuit’.

Deciding whether and how to do this involves thinking about several questions:

  • would it give the best outcomes for the client ?
  • what needs to be true for it to work well or work at all ?
  • how can I make it as effective as possible ?

Client outcomes – most practitioners recognise that the personal relationship, including face-to-face contact, is a valuable part of the interaction that creates change. If you are a long way from your client, is there someone closer who could give them better support ?   If not, have you encouraged them to meet you at least once if that’s possible before using surrogate methods ?   Do you have a lot of experience of ‘energy work’ or particular intuitive skills that make you well-qualified to do remote work with clients ?  If you are working with an animal, are you choosing the owner as the best surrogate, or perhaps thinking that they might not be the best surrogate ?

How can it be possible ? – to be working with energetic testing at all, requires recognising that information transmission can occur in ways that are not well-documented, outside the rather theoretical discipline of particle physics.  Yet we all know that there are various signals that our body’s give when something is agreeable or disagreeable to us.  In a normal bioenergetic test with QEST4 or Asyra, we rely on a direct contact between the electrodes and the clients hands to read their responses to a signal. That is the standard way to use the systems and it’s what we will always be training people to do.  If this was the world of cycling, it’s equivalent to keeping your hands on the handlebars.  If you run a test when the client is not present, then you are relying on their responses coming through someone else who is holding the electrodes – and that is normally you.    Many skilled intuitives will know that this is indeed possible, but that it requires ‘getting yourself out of the way’ or becoming a ‘clear channel’. Only you can decide if you think that is going to work, and you must be happy with the theoretical basis of what you are doing, as well as being happy with the actual outcomes you are getting to know if this can work for your clients.

When a practitioner decides to request a sample of body tissue such as hair, nails or perhaps urine or saliva, it is not that this becomes the thing being tested, but that it helps to ‘ground’ the reality of ‘you’ in the practitioner’s  consulting room (i.e. in the testing circuit), to help the test be more strongly about you than anyone else. There is nothing particular about the physical reality of the sample that controls the testing, though many would advise using fresh samples. Some people recommend a photograph as a useful option.

Maximising the chances of good results – if you decide to do surrogate testing, here are some things you could consider to make it as effective as possible:

  • have a really strong grounding (1 yr +) in using QEST4 / Asyra in the normal way before starting
  • get yourself trained in intuitive energy work disciplines so you learn about being a clear channel.
  • see your client at least once in person if possible before doing the surrogate work.
  • make a connection by phone or skype with the client when you do the testing.
  • request samples if you want to work that way. It increases the client’s commitment to the process.
  • accept that it may not always work well, and be ready to refer to another practitioner if that would be better.

Summary – surrogate testing is a fascinating topic, and it can allow people access to your work who otherwise might not be able to reach you. It’s open to conscious abuse and unconscious carelessness, so take great care to protect your clients interests and the reputation of the technology and your practice.  Do everything you can to bring the client’s energetic reality into clear focus when you test.

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