Qest4 in Homeopathic Practice

The Qest4 is an excellent tool to use in your homeopathy practice. It reflects Hahnemann's philosophy that to heal illness you have to go beyond the physical symptoms and look also to the mind and spirit.

Qest4 helps you to look at the whole person in front of you, building on your case taking, identifying the unique needs of the individual in the areas of thought, emotion, strength,  weakness and  sensitivities. 

Testing enables you to quickly and easily gain a wide picture of energetic health of your client and to be confident in producing an energetic imprinted remedy that will support them at all levels.

For clients with complex health issues, knowing where to start can be difficult. Let Qest4 energetic testing guide you in using the body’s own innate wisdom in what it needs at that point in time.

The Comprehensive Analysis test is often applied in the initial stages of a consultation, drawing from a very broad spectrum of data libraries, and providing insights that could otherwise be easy to miss. This opens up wider discussions and helps you to create the right remedy for your client.

Qest4 complements the holistic nature of homeopathy completely, recognising that the healing process works with both the tangible and intangible, encompassing body, mind and spirit.

Qest4 includes a full range of:

  • homeopathic signatures
  • cell salts
  • miasms
  • constitutional signatures
  • sarcodes
  • nosodes

For deeper emotional support the database includes:

  • affirmations
  • positive emotions
  • generational insight
  • flower remedies including Bach, Bush, Californian
  • essential oil signatures

Explore the Qest4 library.

Imprinted energetic information can be added to blank imprint bottles, blank pillules and patches, for those who have difficulty with remembering to take remedies, or children. The low-level laser provides another medium for the energetic information, perfect for using with animals. Even base creams can be imprinted, enabling topical application focused on specific areas of the body.

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