Is Energetic Testing the same as ‘Bioresonance’ ?

Some practitioners would refer to the Qest4 system as a ‘bioresonance’ device. We would not object to this, but it’s important to look carefully at what that word may be taken to mean, as it has been applied differently by makers and users of various different devices. Sometimes what seems like a simple comparison to the physics of materials or cells can be misleading, as it suggests we are somehow bypassing the communication channels of the body-mind system, and the impact of the practitioner’s choices and the software design.

Bioresonance does not have any recognised meaning outside of the realm of the devices and practices that apply it with the intention of supporting health improvement. Here is a definition that reflects a common view, and which has been published by the UK Advertising Standards Authority:

“Bioresonance is a form of holistic diagnosis and therapy. It is claimed that the bioresonance devices used in the therapy can read the energy wavelengths coming from cells within the body and that the frequencies of these wavelengths provide information about the health of the body. Practitioners believe they can interpret the results obtained from the devices which can then be used to diagnose diseases or adverse medical conditions. Some practitioners also claim to use the results to treat the diagnosed conditions by using the same electromagnetic frequencies to create a “resonance” within the body’s cells.”

The way we see Qest4 as operating is somewhat different. There is indeed a signal output from the device that corresponds to an item being ‘tested’. The items being tested, as discussed elsewhere on this site, are highly diverse in character: everything from chemical substances, to parts of the body, to affirmations, to metabolic pathways, to supplements, to family relationships. In other words, they cover the full range of human experiences: material and subjective. So, what is clear is that if the signal represents something, it does not do so along some simple scale of ‘frequencies’. Instead, it needs to be seen as acting as a description of the item, output in a language that is not spoken, and broadcast by a radiofrequency-based transmitter. The response from the client is not a physical vibration that is being detected but a response from the inner intelligence of the organism as to whether this information generates some kind of non-static response.

The problem with the commonly expressed idea of bioresonance is that it takes a simple idea from physics and puts forward a naive equivlance to it i.e. the idea of a technology that outputs a signal on a simple linear frequency scale, and looks for resonance in the physical tissue of cells rather like a boat will start to vibrate at a certain point as the engine is revving up and hits a certain speed.  If there was to be such a device for human cells, it would doubtless be either an invasive process or one requiring quite heavy-duty engineering similar to an MRI scanner, and it’s really not clear what the results could possibly mean, let alone have relevance to the numerous and diverse items that are included in a Qest4 library.

We choose to use the terms energetic or bio-energetic testing partly to help steer clear of this simple but misleading idea of physical vibration or resonance. There are a variety of ways of obtaining ‘energetic’ test responses, which really means to ‘ask a question’ of the body-mind system and obtain a response via the body’s physiology. The response is interpreted, not by comparing to population averages as with a laboratory test, but in relation to other information given by and observed with that client. We might look at which responses were stronger at the time of testing, what order of priority did they appear in and how are they grouped together. We would also be very aware of what we allowed into the test data in the first place and how that determined the direction of the responses, and consider how the responses blend in with or challenge observations that are made by the practitioner or reported in a client’s case history or current health experience.

The Qest4 system is perfect for holistically oriented health and medical practices precisely because the design, operation and training acknowledges that energetic testing cannot be ever be regarded simply as basic physical ‘resonance’.

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