Qest4 in Greece

We are pleased to announce our association with Alexander Grammatikoudis, based in Thessaloniki.

Alexander is a health practitioner with a business background, and is now demonstrating the system for Greek customers and helping to train practitioners. He is also looking into ways to improve the system for Greek-language customers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Alexander for new sales enquiries, and if you need further training in clinical approaches to using the Qest4/ Asyra systems.

Alexander Grammatikoudis +30 69 86 994 381 info@arion-biomedical.com

Serinth Limited, based in Athens have been distributing Qest4- Asyra in Greece since 2010 and continue to support practitioners.

Serinth Ltd : +30 210 269 3301 info@serinth.gr

Please also contact us at Qest International Head Office with your new sale enquiries. info@qest4.eu

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