The next evolution in Energetic Healing

Bring a new dimension to your health and wellness practice with Qest4 – instant insight via energetic-informational testing.

Instant Insight

Energetic testing with the Qest4 system complements your clinical training, experience and skills by testing the client’s response to thousands of informational signatures and receiving immediate feedback.

Qest4 enhances your practice outcomes by adding this instant insight to the three key foundations of case history, symptom presentation and observation. It adds a new perspective to the conversation, at the touch of a button.

Energetic Remedy

The Qest4 testing process embodies the fact that our innate intelligence can recognise what we need for health and signal accordingly using physiological mechanisms, with or without conscious awareness.

Once an individualised set of signatures is identified, using this resonance-response process, the information can then be ‘re-imprinted’ by output from the system, with a liquid medium, or laser light, used as a carrier.

The imprint process has sometimes been likened to ‘digital homeopathy’ or ‘virtual medicine’,  as an informational signature is generated rather than an active physical intervention – and hence the term ‘remedy’. Alternatively, see it as a re-inforcement of learning in the interconnections of the body-mind system, by sending back the key information identified during the test and response.

New to energetic testing ?

Physics is revealing that human consciousness is an integrated field, not limited by the boundary of the body. This recognition allows us to look afresh at the intuitive forms of medicine that have long challenged the western mind, and build tools to integrate them in powerful new ways.

Moving beyond the materialistic view of health and dis-ease, we see the physical state of organs and tissues, as a consequence of a much wider set of processes. We exist as a multi-layered field where thought, emotion, relationship and numerous interactions with environment all play a role.

The Qest4 is a beautiful tool to support revealing these interrelationships in real-time, pointing to priorities, deepening the therapeutic relationship and, in our experience, enhancing clinical success.

Using the Qest4

Operating the light and portable Qest4 with its simple but capable software interface is very easy.

Simply select the tests you wish to run, normally beginning with the Comprehensive analysis. Your client takes hold of the brass handpieces, and the results are available in moments. The software allows you to pre-define an unlimited set of tests so that you can have all aspects of your practice at your fingertips. The software gives a clear display of the results and printable reports can be generated in seconds.


Qest4 Database

The Qest4 database is truly wide-ranging, with over 40,000 individual signatures. You can create your own unique tests, and take advantage of tried and tested protocols already pre-configured.

The system is extensively categorised, allowing you to setup tests reflecting your areas of knowledge. Libraries of data cover many different aspects of health from physiology and biochemistry to emotions and affirmations, with due weight given to the major natural health modalities including nutrition, herbs, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, among many others.

Key highlights of the database:

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual factors
  • Physiology: tissue at macro and micro level
  • Nutrition & Functional Medicine
  • Herbs and homeopathy
  • Eastern medicine models
  • Pathogens: items that impact on wellness
  • Energetic & frequency models
  • Nutraceutical Products

A Complete Package

Your Qest4 system comes as a complete package of hardware, software, training, worldwide support, with regular automatic updates, backed by a five year warranty.

The Qest4 hardware is robust, light and portable, connecting by bluetooth to your computer or laptop. (Alternative USB system also available.) The software is simple and intuitive, and can be customised extensively to your needs. Software updates are regularly available for download. A full package of Qest4 training and Qest4 technical support are provided to an internationally agreed standard.

The Qest4 is the latest development of a series of devices from the same engineering team that have been delivering successful outcomes over the last 35 years.

Who should be using Qest4 ?

The Qest4 system is in use around the world in a wide variety of practices. The technology supports you in your own knowledge-space, and naturally leads you to extend your practice skills. After a while you can build your own practice approach into the software. Customisation of the system to support and enhance your way of working is practically limitless.

You can modify pre-loaded tests, as well as add your own tests. You can also import your own remedy toolkit as digital signatures, e.g. herbs, supplements, flower essences and diet plans, as well as conceptual items such as affirmations and other self help techniques. There is even the ability to share custom lists with other Qest users and benefit from their custom lists. You could say there are as many Qest4 variations as there are practitioners using it!

All Practices
All Practices


We are confident that you will not find a better package than the QEST4 system, which comes with our unrivalled experience in both developing technologies, and supporting natural health practitioners to successfully integrate this approach into practice. Our sister website, Asyra Pro, shows the predecessor to the Qest4, and has some very interesting case studies, testimonials and practitioner interviews to support the bio-resonance technology. Take a look.



Nutritional therapists make extensive use of ‘test-plate testing’ to help gauge the potential response to different foods, formulas and combinations. The food sensitivity library finds widespread use to help tune-up dietary recommendations. Refer to the QEST4 Database page to see the wide variety of nutritional and functional medicine libraries built-into the system.



Many homeopaths feel instantly at home with the QEST4, which integrates the idea of ‘like treats like’ in its underlying philosophy. The ability to pre-scan through hundreds of homeopathic remedies allows you to accelerate your ‘reading’ of the client. QEST4 lets you imprint a unique combination-remedy that brings in not only traditional homeopathics but a wide range of issues imprinted at a chosen potency or multi-chord.



With such a wide-range of treatment options at your fingertips, naturopathic practitioners appreciate how QEST4 reveals patterns and links across so many aspects or ‘layers’ of the human organism, helping you to know where to focus. The system gives insight into structural, biochemical, mental and emotional factors, as well as incorporating many eastern and western models of health and wellness care.



Imagine having access to hundreds of trays of test vials and obtaining the client’s response to them, in one go and all within minutes!
This is what the Qest4 system gives you, helping you get to the bottom of your clients’ issues much faster. It enables you to pinpoint the priority issues, whether they be of a physical, emotional, chemical or electromagnetic nature, and determine the most beneficial support to put your client back into balance.
Qest4 gives you thousands of items at your fingertips to energetically test, from supplements and foods, bacteria and hormones, emotions and flower essences, it’s just a matter of clicking a button and waiting for the answer.  See Qest4 Database for examples.
You can create imprinted energentic remedies that the client can take away at the end of the session and that contain the information needed to start the balancing and healing process.
And you can also create your own tests and upload your own test kits or preferred supplement ranges.

Qest4 Desktop Version

Should you require a traditional USB connection from the Qest4 to your computer or laptop to the Qest4, we have the ‘Qest4 Desktop’ version which connects via USB rather than Bluetooth


The software is easy to operate and customise to suit your unique approach to practice


Testing takes just moments and results are there in real-time to enhance client interaction


Tens of thousands of items in the database give limitless ways to explore the potential for change


The Qest4 and a laptop or tablet fit easily into a compact briefcase and can travel with you wherever you go

Good for business

As a Qest4 user, your practice stands out from the crowd and attracts more clients

Global community

Full training

Our complete training package guides you to integrate the Qest4 equipment smoothly and effectively into your practice

5 star support

As a practitioner, you benefit from the wealth of technical and clinical knowledge we have developed over two decades

The Qest4 Bioenergetic Testing System

Choosing the Qest4 for your practice brings you together with a worldwide community of practitioners enjoying tried and tested technology, intuitive software, pre-designed protocols, full-customisation potential with acclaimed training and support, to take your consultations to the next level.

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