About Qest International

Background to Qest International

Based in the UK, Qest International evolved out of a dynamic and innovative clinical practice, where earlier energetic testing devices were used alongside naturopathy, osteopathy, herbal medicine and NLP.   Training and equipping other practitioners was a natural evolution and we have been doing so since 1998.

From 2005, we have been the UK and international distributor (exc US) for the Asyra system and have trained practitioners in the use of this technology in more than 25 countries. With the debut of the Qest4 system in 2015, we created Qest International as a dedicated company to continue expanding the presence of the technology in health practices worldwide.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in the principles and practice of bioenergetic testing. Our trainer team are all practitioners in their own right, with backgrounds in naturopathy, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, kinesiology, body work and psychotherapy.

Qest4-Asyra Lineage

The Qest4 system is the 12th device designed by Joe and Mark Galloway, who were among the first to innovate in this area of health exploration.  Each new device has refined the process, improving speed and quality of testing and expanding the database.

Operating from Utah, USA the Galloway team is a family business now in its third generation.  This long-term commitment to the technology has resulted in one of the most comprehensive and effective bioenergetic testing systems on the market today.

Previous systems in this lineage include the Asyra, which runs on the same software platform, the MSAS and Listen systems.

Qest4 Team

Jane Piper
Director & Training

Jane heads up the Qest International team, focusing on practitioner support, sales and training. She brings over 20 plus years' experience from both Western and Eastern healing traditions, including kinesiology and nutritional therapy.

Mel Owen-Browne
Training & Practitioner

Mel is a trainer and Qest4 representative in Australia and New Zealand. She has over 25 years’ experience in homeopathy and bioenergetic testing both in Australia and the UK, and runs a busy homeopathic clinic in Sydney.

Deborah Walker
Training & Practitioner

Trainer, mentor and nutritional naturopathic practitioner with a busy international clinic in Northern Ireland. A natural health expert on internet radio stations and founder of the Natural Health Radio show.

Debbie Gilligan
Training & Practitioner

Trainer, homeopath, dietitian and Ashtanga yoga instructor. Debbie has worked in the wellness space for over 20 years within hospitals, industry, communities, sports teams, universities, animal health and private practice.

Louise Penson
Marketing & Sales Support

As a kinesiology practitioner Louise is familiar with the principles and benefits of energy medicine. She combines that with her marketing background to support the team and Qest4 practitioners with sales enquiries and events.

Mark Conrad
Director & Technical

Mark has nearly twenty years' experience managing enterprises in the natural health sector, and started Qest International in its current form. His wide-ranging studies include nutrition, NLP, EFT, breathwork, energy medicine and the reconciliation of materialist and spiritual views of reality.
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