The articles below give further details and insights into the Qest technology, its history and development, how it compares to other technologies and many other aspects that may interest you as you consider bringing the Qest4 into your practice.

Is Energetic Testing the same as ‘Bioresonance’ ?

Some practitioners would refer to the Qest4 system as a ‘bioresonance’ device. We would not object to this, but it’s important to look carefully at what that word may be taken to mean, as it has been applied differently by makers and users of various different devices. Sometimes what seems

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The Pedigree of Qest4

If you’ve had a demonstration of the Qest4 system, you will probably have been impressed by the speed and flexibility and the many other visible benefits. One thing that is not so obvious, even from looking at the regularly updated software and lightweight, portable hardware, is that Qest4 has evolved

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Is Qest4 a ‘quantum’ device for remote-testing ?

We are often asked questions about remote testing, and about the idea of quantum processes applying to this kind of device. The Qest4 Asyra technology works by storing digital representations or signatures within a database, and outputting them as an electromagnetic / radio-frequency output from the device. When the client

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Energetic Testing vs Functional Laboratory Testing

One of the biggest questions a natural health practitioner will find themselves confronting when seeking to improve clinical success is what approach to take to get insights beyond case history and personal observation. Energetic testing and laboratory testing are in many ways opposite approaches to achieve the same final goal

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Surrogate or Remote Testing

The topic of surrogate or remote testing is a particularly difficult one to write a consistent account of, as the methods recommended vary so widely, and the underlying beliefs are not usually talked about much.   Many practitioners achieve wonderful outcomes for clients using surrogate methods, and it has certainly become

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