About Qest4

The articles below give further details and insights into the Qest technology, its history and development, how it compares to other technologies and many other aspects that may interest you as you consider bringing the Qest4 into your practice.

Qest4 Training and Support Advantage

Qest4 practitioners benefit from an array of training and support possibilities. The first stage of training, which remains for you as a reference guide, is the online Module 1 and Module 2 materials provided on the practitioner portal.  These materials have been compiled and refined with extensive input from the

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Qest4 Advanced Web Training

QEST4 Advanced Web Based Training: The Key to Bioresonance Success Qest International is pleased to offer this 10 sessions training course for QEST4 practitioners with Marcia Pitman: bioresonance practitioner, author and trainer. The course is guided by a 298 page textbook, and presents a comprehensive approach to reduce toxic load,

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