Qest International Online Conference 2021

  • Spread across 2 days, this 10-hour event with international speakers is timed to bring together the Qest/Asyra community worldwide.
  • The key purpose of this conference is to help you get truly creative, relevant and focused with the information in your Qest4.
  • Topics include:
  • Illustrating the methodologies from specialised kinesiology from where Single, 1×1 and Causal arise and how to extend these principles in your testing.
  • Creating a successful protocol from scratch: how 3 practitioners from very different backgrounds developed a new protocol for fertility
  • Collaborative networking online: contributing to new information libraries for the Q4A community
  • Journey of the client – moving up the hierachy of needs
  • News from around the world: hearing experiences from some very diverse practices in different countries
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