Qest International Online Conference 2021

Spread across 2 days, this 10-hour event with international speakers is timed to bring together the Qest/Asyra community worldwide.

Let's get truly creative, relevant and focused on achieving potential with your Qest4 / Asyra system with our line-up of speakers.

Topics include:

The foods list update: what, where and why

With Tatiana Armero (CA, RU)

The Foods List is one of the most frequently used tests, yet few of us have truly questioned the exact choice of contents and categories. Over the past few months, a small group has worked to explore the list in detail and evolve a revised version. In this presentation, Tatiana will talk us through the reasons behind the additions and restructuring of the Foods List filters and items.

Tatiana Armero

Tatiana’s professional journey as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Sports Physiologist, and Bio-Energetic testing Practitioner started in Russia. Now living in Canada, she works with individuals who are trying to combat chronic conditions, symptoms that have no explanations, as well as working with individuals, companies and sports teams to help people reach their health goals, feel great, and perform at their best.

How I integrated Asyra with spirit-mind-body methods to build a high-impact health practice and maximise client commitment

With Dani Benjamin (UK)

Drawing on her extensive clinical experience and her work with Nyelin (Neil Castleton), Dani will share how she has evolved a busy practice incorporating Qest4 Asyra. This presentation will explore the scope of practice using the system including structuring the consultation, communicating results, working in partnership with other practitioners and the benefits of using Non-Linear as  ‘test of tests’ to guide the Qest4 Asyra process.

Dani Benjamin

After being in the fashion business for 21 years, Dani re-trained to follow her passion for Natural Medicine. Having graduated from The College of Natural Medicine in 2014 in Naturopathic Nutrition, she went on to specialise in Bio-energetic feedback (Energetic medicine). Dani trained extensively with several highly influential people in the field of metaphysical study including Neil Castleton, who created many modular training sessions for Asyra/Qest4 practitioners. She now runs a busy clinic in North London.

Positive Commissions: An Attitude Shift in Energetic Testing

With Kees Bezemer (NL)

Kees will be sharing his latest research into Positive Psychology and how we can incorporate this understanding into our work with Qest4 bio-energetic testing.

Positive Psychology explores the power of shifting one’s perspective from an overly narrow focus on the negative,  to happiness, wellbeing, exceptionalism, strengths, and flourishing. Research shows that this attitude shift leads to better outcomes in health, life experience and performance.

Kees Bezemer

Dr. Kees Bezemer is the senior QEST4 trainer and distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium. He is a qualified orthomolecular nutritional therapist, attended university for linguistics and pastoral theology and was educated in counseling and stress management. He has been using Qest4/Asyra technology in his practice since 2012, looking for the best energetic treatment with nutrition for body and soul.

Creating a 3-step test protocol for Optimum Fertility

With Jenny Blondel

In this presentation, Jenny will discuss issues that she is looking to address in a pre-conceptual program and explore a 3-step process for building a test that looks first at the disrupting factors needing support, then adding support to the remedy, and with all of that information in the Hold Tank, testing for factors that address optimising fertility.

Jenny Blondel

Jenny is a qualified Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homeopath, Bioresonance practitioner and mentor. She is also a Fellow member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Jenny has been in private clinical practice for more than 27 years, skilfully blending her extensive background in Naturopathic medicine with the latest bioenergetic technology to offer a comprehensive and effective healing approach.

News from Qest International

With Mark Conrad (UK)

What’s happening at Qest International? Mark will share the latest new and exciting projects for the months ahead, including opportunities for collaboration, training and business development.

Mark Conrad

After an early career in finance and IT, Marks interests in natural health and a 'chance' meeting, led to working as manager of an energetic testing clinic and training centre. His interest in the method, and all aspects of joining the intuitive with the analytical in health and wellness continued to grow. After buying the company, Mark evolved the business to become the international distributorship for Asyra in 2005. Since then, the company has continued to build the presence and understanding of this technology around the world. Mark continues to run the centre, to work as Director of Qest International Ltd, and as a distributor for Scenar. In 2021, a new venture is emerging, Vitalhealth Foundation, with the intention of supporting natural health consultants to build more success and wider credibility for energy medicine.

Updates and developments from Qest LLC

With Carol Galloway and Benjamin Plante (USA)

The continuous development of the Qest4 system is no short measure down to the fact that Qest LLC is a family run business with a 3-generation lineage in bio-energetic testing. Grampa Joe Galloway developed a number of successful systems before the Asyra which he developed with his son, Mark. Carol Galloway has been Director for some years now and, more recently, as the next generation have become more involved, we have seen some exciting developments including the Version 5 software update, the Qest Essentials Practitioner Portal and the online training. This is your chance to meet the people behind this incredible technology.

Carol Galloway

Carol Galloway has been the Director of Qest LLC since its beginning in 2013. Prior to her engagement with the business, Carol spent time as a practitioner using the Asyra from 2009 to 2013. With nearly 20 years of mentoring from her husband, Mark Galloway, she has had the unique opportunity of seeing the progress of the technology throughout its development. Carol is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner from Nutrition Therapy Institute and has a BS in Family and Human Development from Utah State University. As one who values continued learning, she received training in foot zoning and continues to learn as much as she can about nutrition and herbs. Carol and Mark Galloway have been married for 19 years and together have seven children and five grandchildren.

Benjamin Plante

Building an energetic imprint using the homeopathic process

With Mel Owen-Browne (Aus)

In Mel’s presentation, she talks about the importance of using layers of information in seeking to build the perfect energetic imprint for her clients.  She blends the client story with the Qest4 comprehensive, together with careful reflection, identifying patterns of information and using Search Criteria to build the individual homeopathic remedy. Mel will use a case study to clarify some of the information presented.

Mel Owen-Browne

Mel Owen-Browne

Mel Owen-Browne, practitioner and Qest4 representative and trainer in Australia, works as part of a busy homeopathic clinic serving a vibrant clientele in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Mel also runs an online consultation and training clinic for an overseas and local community and works closely with another Qest4 practitioner in building support remedies for a range of common complaints. They have just launched a pet range which is rolling out through 2021.

Bio-energetic testing Methodology - Inspirations from Kinesiology

With Jane Piper (UK)

Many different kinesiology systems have been developed since the conception of Applied Kinesiology in 1964. Each ‘Kinesiology’ presents very different protocols and approaches to bring a client back to balance on all levels of being – physical, bio-chemical, emotional and bio-energetic.  The one common denominator is that all Kinesiology systems use muscle response testing as a way to communicate with an individual’s innate intelligence to guide the process. The Qest4 Asyra software includes a number of features inspired by Kinesiology. In this presentation, Jane explores how the Qest4 Asyra functionality can be used to adapt a variety of kinesiology testing protocols into our practice.

Jane Piper

Jane is Qest4 practitioner and trainer, with a focus on natural nutrition and energy medicine in its widest sense. She is a registered professional kinesiologist with 20 experience and is a trainer/ assessor for the International Kinesiology College.

Clinical comparison - Qest 4 bio-energetic testing in a spa hotel vs clinical setting

With Paloma Ruiz-Blanco (ES)

Paloma Ruiz-Blanco compares her experience of using Qest4 in two very different setting and explores the ways in which they differ and some advice for how to incorporate Qest4 into a hotel or health and wellness spa environment.

Paloma Ruiz-Blanco

Paloma Ruiz-Blanco

Paloma’s fascination with health, biochemistry and sports started early on when she was a kid. For 9 years from the age of 11, she travelled around the world as a professional tennis player. In her 20’s, Paloma graduated in Law but, recognising an emotional disconnection with her career direction, retrained in Naturopathy, Bio-Energetic Testing, and is currently finalising her thesis toward a Master of Science Degree in Personalised Clinical Nutrition. Paloma now enjoys running a private health practice in Spain. She also works with a team of practitioners at the exclusive Marbella Club developing individualised health protocols incorporating Qest4 bio-energetic testing as the core of the program. https://palomaruiz.me/

Achieving your Potential Through Energy Medicine

With Deborah Walker (UK)

As practitioners our clients often come looking for a quick health solution and we can end up playing triage, too often chasing symptoms. We all know this isn’t what they really need. When our health goes wrong, there are often deeper issues at play. It’s this that a practitioner truly helps support the client with achieving, because after the physical, comes the emotional and spiritual that the client often doesn’t know how to address or that they should even be addressing. Deborah sees our work following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, to help our clients in ways that help not only their deeper needs but also society’s deeper objectives.

Deborah Walker

Deborah is an award-winning Naturopathic Nutritionist and energy therapist, who runs a practise in Northern Ireland that works with an international client base. A keen podcaster producing a weekly show called Food for Thought, she was the founder of Natural Health Radio, a worldwide internet-based radio station which was focused on spreading the word of natural health and healing, which ran for 4 years.

A Deeper Exploration of Food Testing

With Pamela Wingert (USA)

Pamela takes us on a deep dive into interpreting the Foods Test.  She will be exploring new lists and examples of scans, looking at these test results in a new way that will challenge practitioners to think outside the box and to see how to use food as information. Using examples, Pamela will help connect the dots. You will never look at the food lists the same again!

Pamela Wingert

Pamela is the owner of Kankakee Natural Foods along with her husband Delbert and has celebrated 50 years in business in 2020. She expanded in 2019 and opened the BioEnergy Center, a wellness center. It is an integrative wellness experience using frequency machines from all over the world. She has been in the health industry for over 25 years and utilizing the Asyra going on 9 years. She is a Certified Health Specialist, Board Certified by AADP internationally, and MSA Certified as a Bio-energetic Technician. In December 2015, she received her INHC certification as a health and wellness coach from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. With her education, she continues to work on teaching ways of viewing the body as a whole and acknowledging that we are mind, body, and spirit. Pamela endeavors to assist and support her customers in living life to the fullest.

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