Qest International Online Conference 2022

The theme for this year's International Online Conference is Empowering Health.

Three sessions of 4.5 hours each on 10th and 11th June 2022.

The theme of Empowering Health aims to give answers to the question, “If you were to develop your own testing approach in your Qest4/Asyra, focused around the intention of positively Empowering Health for both you and the client, what would it look like?

Our talks this year address this direclty with newly written protocols and indirectly with explorations of related topics.

Some titles and details may be subject to change in coming weeks.

Topics include:


Introducing the Empowering Health Theme and Vitalhealth Education Initiative

With Mark Conrad (UK)
Friday 10th June 14.05

Hosting the first and last sessions of the  conference, Mark will also provide an introduction to the theme, and taking about some of the work that has been done on data in the system this year.  He will also talk about the Vitalhealth education programme and how it can serve the development needs of Qest4 practitioners.

Mark Conrad

After an early career in finance and IT, Mark's interests in natural health and a 'chance' meeting, led to working as manager of an energetic testing clinic and training centre. His interest in the method, and all aspects of joining the intuitive with the analytical in health and wellness continued to grow. After buying the company, Mark evolved the business to become the international distributorship for Asyra in 2005. Since then, the company has continued to build the presence and understanding of this technology around the world. Mark continues to run the centre, to work as Director of Qest International Ltd, and as a distributor for Scenar. In 2021, a new venture is emerging, Vitalhealth Foundation, with the intention of supporting natural health consultants to build more success and wider credibility for energy medicine.

The Origin of the Comprehensive Analysis Test

With Carol Galloway (USA)
Friday 10th June 14.40

The Comprehensive Analysis is at the heart of the Qest4 and Asyra systems. It took shape following conversations with a variety of practitioners during the design of the system, based on meeting their clinical needs.

Carol will share some details of the decisions that were taken along the way and how it has served the wide range of practitioners of Qest4/Asyra technology.

Carol Galloway

Carol Galloway has been the Director of Qest LLC since its beginning in 2013. Prior to that she spent time as a practitioner using the Asyra from 2009 to 2013. With nearly 20 years of mentoring from her husband, Mark Galloway, she has had the unique opportunity of seeing the progress of the technology throughout its development. Carol is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner from Nutrition Therapy Institute and has a BS in Family and Human Development from Utah State University. As one who values continued learning, she received training in foot zoning and continues to learn as much as she can about nutrition and herbs.

Empowering Health Test Design 1 - Synthesis of Multiple Disciplines

With Jane Piper (UK)
Friday 10th June 15.15

How can we empower our clients to shift from a diagnostic, symptom-focussed approach to a perspective that gives them authority and control over their lives and health?

Taking the Comprehensive Analysis as the starting point, does the test, as it is, reflect a whole-person model of health? Does it reflect the diversity of your practice?

In this talk, we follow one practitioner’s journey to creating an ‘Empowering Health’ test that incorporates – a Functional approach, Naturopathy, Traditional Eastern philosophies and Psycho-Spiritual perspectives.

Jane Piper

Jane leads sales and training at Qest International, working alongside Mark Conrad at the Petersfield, UK, Head office, where she also has a health practice. A health professional of 20 years, with experience of both Eastern and Western healing traditions, Jane’s clinical approach involves exploring and addressing potential underlying issues that may be involved in an individual’s expression of dis-ease.

An Empowering Health Immunity Protocol using Positive Commissions

With Kees Bezemer (NL)
Friday 10th June 16.25

Kees explores the power of using positive wording in Qest4 (Asyra) test creation, shifting the perspective from an overly narrow focus on the negative, to happiness, wellbeing, exceptionalism, strengths, and flourishing. Research shows that this attitude shift leads to better outcomes in health, life experience and performance.

Kees Bezemer

Dr. Kees Bezemer is the senior QEST4 trainer and distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium. He is a qualified orthomolecular nutritional therapist, attended university for linguistics and pastoral theology and was educated in counseling and stress management. He has been using Qest4/Asyra technology in his practice since 2012, looking for the best energetic treatment with nutrition for body and soul.

The Techy Bit

With Paul Newman (UK)
Friday 10th June 17.35

A roundup of the latest advice and best practice on keeping your Qest4 / Asyra system in good shape.

Paul Newman

Paul is the Qest International technical support Hero who gets new users started with their system, and helps practitioners with all things technical on Qest4 (Asyra). Paul trained in Classical Kinesiology. He and his life-partner, Michelle, support clients to health through their Conscious Balance clinic in Cheltenham, UK.


The Body-Mind Relationship and Qest4

With Stephane Provencher (Canada / USA)
Friday 10th June 23.10

Drawing on the META-Health approach, recently presented in our Vitalhealth seminars, Stephane presents how he has shifted his clinical approach to be grounded within this philosophy and how that has manifest in client sessions.

Stephane Provencher PhD, DC

Stéphane’s earliest memories resounded with cries of pain and discomfort. Massively obese and bullied throughout childhood, he knew one thing for certain; he was not normal. It was years later, after leaving school and traveling to Europe, after reading The Alchemist that he discovered his limiting beliefs were no more than illusion. He was now free to recall how his gift for intuiting where in their bodies’ people held pain, enabling him to help heal their emotional wounds. This awareness guided his dedicated studies and career in chiropractic as he began to understand how the intertwined relationship of the body, mind, and spirit worked together. https://www.drstephane.com

Getting All Emotional with your Qest4

With Benjamin Plante (USA)
Saturday 11th June 0.20

Benajmin with share an approach to using the Qest4 for the emotional component of healing.

Benjamin Plante (TBC)

Benjamin was raised in the Qest4 family and is in charge of sales for the USA Western region. He is the voice of the Qest Essentials training materials so knows the system from the inside-out.

The Gut-Immune Interface

With Jenny Blondel (Aus)
Saturday 11th June 1.20

Jenny will be exploring immune dysregulation, the impact of spike proteins, cortisol impact on the gut, food and health. 

Jenny Blondel

Jenny is a qualified Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homeopath, Bioresonance practitioner and mentor. She is also a Fellow member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Jenny has been in private clinical practice for more than 28 years, skilfully blending her extensive background in Naturopathic medicine with the latest bioenergetic technology to offer a comprehensive and effective healing approach.

Empowering Health Test Design 2 - The Homeopathic Angle

With Mel Owen-Browne (Aus)
Saturday 11th June 2.20

Mel will be sharing the approach she has taken to building from the ground-up a broad-based health test using homeopathic principles and incorporating many of the homeopathic libraries from within the Master list.

Mel Owen-Browne

Mel Owen-Browne

Mel Owen-Browne has over 30 years’ experience in Homeopathy and Bio Energetic Health Screening in Australia and the UK. She is also a practitioner and Qest4 representative in Australia and New Zealand, and a key member of the Qest International Trainer Team. Mel works as part of a busy homeopathic clinic serving a vibrant clientele in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She also runs an online consultation and training clinic.


Empowering Health Test Design 3 - The Power of Non-Linear Tests

With Dani Benjamin (UK)
Saturday 11th June 9.15

After exploring a variety of ways of using my Asyra for many years and having the bonus of some ‘left of field’ teachers, I have developed a protocol based on my belief that when the physical, intellectual, and spiritual bodies are brought into alignment, we can achieve high states of well-being.

The testing process has incorporated Asyra testing into the core principles of this protocol, by allowing the client to choose exactly what setting each test should be run in.  It is my pleasure to share the principles of this test, how I built it and how it can be adapted and expanded to fit other Qest4 (Asyra) practitioners’ modalities.


Dani Benjamin

After being in the fashion business for 21 years, Dani re-trained to follow her passion for Natural Medicine. Having graduated from The College of Natural Medicine in 2014 in Naturopathic Nutrition, she went on to specialise in Bio-energetic feedback (Energetic medicine). Dani trained extensively with several highly influential people in the field of metaphysical study including Neil Castleton, who created many modular training sessions for Asyra/Qest4 practitioners. She now runs a busy clinic in North London.

Enhancing Athletic Performance

With Debbie Gilligan (South Africa)
Saturday 11th June 10.15

 Creating an approach using the Qest4 system to enhance athletic performance and recovery using nutrition, homeopathy and cell salts


Debbie Gilligan

Debbie is a homeopath, dietitian and Ashtanga yoga instructor. She has a special interest in supporting young families including mums during pregnancy, birth and beyond. She qualified as a dietitian 20 years ago at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and has worked in hospitals in South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia. She focuses on guiding clients to use food to optimise energy levels and immune function thus preventing illness in adults and children. A passionate yoga instructor, she aims to make the practice available to all skill levels, through all stages of life, empowering people to experience an increased quality of living. https://www.likecureslikehh.com.au

Reframing the Microbe Relationship - Disease-Creators or Symbiotic Helpers ?

With Trevor Gunn (UK)
Saturday 11th June 11.25

Trevor recently presented a 5 hour teaching on Holistic Pathology as part of the Vitalhealth program.

He presented a radically different perspective on microbes and many new insights into the immune system based on latest scientific research.

In this talk, Trevor will focus more into how viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi have very specific roles in the life cycle of a host, and how the traditional idea of them as things to be ‘got rid of’ may be flawed.

Trevor Gunn

Biochemist, Homeopath, Author and Teacher with some 25 years experience. trevorgunn.com

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