Qest4 / Asyra 2019 Conference

The recordings of this event are now available to watch on demand.
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Meet the Presenters

Lois Duquesnoy
Asyra practitioner, Homeopath, Cranio-Sacral Therapist
Asyra and Advanced Biostructural Correction practitioner, US
UK Agent-Trainer QEST4, Homeopath, Nutritionist, Psychotherapist
UK Agent-Trainers for QEST4, Nutritional Therapy, Kinesiology, Functional Medicine.
Director of Qest International

Director of Qest LLC
Technical Support & Training

Selected topics in detail

Patterns of Dysfunction – Candida

Those of us who have attended previous QEST4 European Conference events will be familiar with Lois’ approach to using Asyra QEST4 in a clinical setting, involving pattern recognition – organ-focus, biochemical, metabolic and emotional – and how they tie together. She is developing a course for practitioners (more on this soon, we hope).

As a short introduction to the type and depth of patterns included in the training, Lois’ presentation will focus on one particularly prevalent health issue that we frequently see in practice and which can be particularly intransigent and bothersome for clients, Candida Infection.

We will take an in-depth look into factors that predispose a person to candida overgrowth and how we can see the patterns in our QEST4/Asyra hold tank that might lead us to address this issue. Candida infection is disturbingly common and a frequent adjunct to other conditions. Asyra / QEST4 is able to powerfully uncover the patterns that create an ‘open door’ to yeasts and the Candida pathogen, meaning we can recognise the patterns and help support a long lasting resolution to recurrent infections.

Working with the Spectrum Protocol

Senior trainer, Hazel Drummond, created the QEST4 Spectrum protocol, inspired by the work of Dr Tinus Smits.

Hazel’s presentation will explore our understanding of ASD, underlying causes, practical tips for working with clients on the spectrum, and how using QEST4 Asyra, we can make a unique remedy and treatment plan, personalised to the client that includes principles of homeopathy, isopathy and nutrition, and addresses inherited patterns, emotional trauma, vaccine reactions and environmental toxicity.

Hazel will share case studies of clients who have been helped by QEST4 Spectrum protocol.

There will be opportunities before and after the conference to build the Spectrum test via separate webinar events. See website for details.

Let Food be thy Medicine

Drawing on 20 years of working in her practice Jane shares her insights in to how diet can aid healing.

Whether as a primary focus of a consultation or to support other healing modalities, diet is an essential part of any health program that aims to educate our clients to be responsible for their own health. In this presentation, Jane shares two case studies and QEST4 test results to explore how diet-oriented, nutritional strategies were a key part of the client health programs.

Technical How to?.. & What If?

Paul Newman from the Technical Support tip, gives us a few important pointers regarding updates, plus tips for protecting data, system care and file sharing.

Practitioner Mindset and Client Communication

Jeff Saffir runs a successful clinic combining chiropractic and Asyra. His practical, common sense approach to how to communicate what we do in a way that engages clients was so well received at the US Think Tank, that we have invited him to join this year’s International Conference.

His formula for how we present ourselves as practitioners, client communication and managing the first appointment is explored with humour, anecdotes and the wisdom that only comes from having built a successful health practice.

Mark Conrad interviews Carol Galloway

Carol and the Qest LLC team have been working on a major software update, due to be launched later in 2019. In this interview, Carol shares the journey so far and what to expect in the next update.

Recordings available

Recordings of this live-online conference event are available to watch on demand.

Full transcripts are also available on request. Please email info@qest4.eu

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