Qest4 / Asyra European Conference 2018

The key event for Qest4 and Asyra users in Europe and UK for 2018 will take place on May 04/05 in England. This forms part of an international programme of twice yearly events, the second event for this year being in USA in the Autumn. These conferences are designed to give you as an Qest4 / Asyra practitioner inspirations, updates and  insights to make the very best of your practice.

Building the best possible practice for the best possible clinical results involves the skillful combination of functional medicine knowledge, energetic medicine insights, coaching skills, good business practice, integrating other tools and techniques effectively, and being creative with your Qest4/Asyra software.

In each of these conferences, curated by the trans-Atlantic team of Qest LLC and Qest International, we will be bringing you a wide range of presentations to help you achieve this. Following feedback from previous events, this year’s conference will include a variety of workshop opportunities to build and run tests. Remember to bring your QEST4 / Asyra and laptop.

We invite our practitioners from all across Europe and visitors from further afield to join us this May in the beautiful surroundings of Norton Park Hotel in Hampshire.


  • Update on current and upcoming developments
  • Bio-energetic testing in a Functional Medicine context
  • Focus on Lyme disease
  • Working with an holistic dentist
  • Radionics vs QEST4 Asyra
  • Insights from the Comprehensive Analysis
  • Phenolics and health patterns revealed by QEST4 Asyra

…….and more

Meet the Presenters

Lois Duquesnoy
Asyra practitioner, Homeopath, Cranio-Sacral Therapist
Senior Trainer for Qest4 / Asyra in Netherlands
Integrative practitioner, speaker and author.
Functional Nutritional therapist and QEST4 practitioner
Wholistic dentist BDS MSc MFGDP (UK) LFHom
Director of Qest International
Director of Qest LLC
Technical Support & Training
Orthomolecular therapist, PNEI and Asyra practitioner
US Distributor, Trainer and Certification Director for QEST4

Selected topics in detail

What’s eating you? Developing a protocol to address lyme neurotoxins

A favourite from the 2017 US Think Tank, Renee Brooks will discuss her work with Lyme expert, Dr Pete Coon and how to develop a QEST4 Asyra Lyme protocol.

The presentation will deepen our knowledge of this very current health issue, when to consider Lyme, independent risk factors, and what to include in a targeted detox of pathogens and neurotoxins.

One of the key themes of Dr Pete’s research is ‘It is not all about the Lyme’. Consideration of independent risk factors that cause accumulation rather than detoxification of toxins is key.

Renee has created a QEST4 Asyra protocol to address Lyme neurotoxins. As part of her workshop we will have the opportunity to build and run the test.

‘The Qest for Optimum Health’ – Bio energetic Screening in a Functional Medicine practice

QEST4 / Asyra is a key tool in Karen Ward’s toolkit as a functional medicine practitioner, with positive outcomes in complex medical conditions. Her two busy health clinics in Ireland help clients work through and identify underlying triggers that may be contributing to their illness using laboratory testing and QEST4 bio-energetic assessment.

Karen’s presentation will look at case studies in which the QEST4 / Asyra has proven invaluable in pointing her in a particular direction, and how functional lab tests corroborate the scan results.

Karen emphasises how our diet is a key to disease prevention and to optimum health and is on a mission to help clients reframe how they view disease. She promotes the importance of prevention and getting to the root cause.

Karen is also interested in the role environment can play in the expression of autoimmune conditions.

Her continuing education has led her to the Institute of Functional Medicine AFMCP program in the UK.

Karen is a member of Academic staff with the College of Naturopathic Medicine London and lectures at their satellite college in Cork and has facilitated workshops in the UK as part of the colleges Healthy Chef Diploma programme in Fermentation and Gut Health.

Karen is a passionate public speaker and has appeared at the Free From Allergy Expos, Your Health (Formerly the Rude Health Show), Veg Expo UK, Mind Body Spirit and Wellfest has been keynote speaker for the College of Naturopathic Medicine Open Days. She has appeared on local radio and Sky TV in and has also contributed to a number of high profile health publications.

The Power of Words & Positive Testing

Kees Bezemer is the senior QEST4 trainer for the Netherlands. He is a qualified orthomolecular nutritional therapist, and has been using Asyra technology in his practice, looking for the best energetic treatment with nutrition for body and soul.

Many of our tests are ‘negative’ and are based on pathology, disturbance, imbalance, allergy etc. and that can sometimes be necessary. But following the Scripture (“overcome evil with good”) and inspired by positive psychology, I would like to show something of a different, more positive way of testing and working with the Qest4 / Asyra.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentist, John Ahearne, marries the conventional with the alternative to achieve a holistic approach to dental healthcare that takes account of the whole of the patient’s biological system.

Dental health can be influenced by some health issues that may appear to be unrelated to the mouth and conversely, dental treatment can have an impact on body systems remote from the mouth.

John will help us recognise when dentistry may be what’s needed to help resolve a health problem and discuss what kind of resolutions can occur by referral to a dental practitioner. He will also share his approach to advising people who may be considering removing mercury or are concerned about root canals.

Topic to be confirmed

Returning the QEST4 Asyra European conference by popular demand, Nathalie Albrecht will be sharing one of her latest protocols. Her workshops are hugely popular in the Netherlands. 

Conference Itinerary

Friday 4 May

0900 – Registration opens

1000 – Welcome Mark Conrad

1015 – The Power of Words & Positive Testing Kees Bezemer

1115 – Break

1145 – Emotional Trauma: Talk and protocol workshop  Nathalie Albrecht

1330 – Lunch

1445 – What’s Eating You: addressing Lyme Neuotoxins Renee Brooks

1545 – Break

1615 – Building Renee’s protocol Renee Brooks

1700 – News from Dr Awesome Stephane Provencher

1815 – Close

1900 – Dinner in the Manor House

Saturday 5th May

9000 – Welcome Kees/Mark

0915 – ‘The Qest for Optimum Health’ – Bio energetic screening in a Functional Medicine practice Karen Ward

1015 – Breakout workshop: A. Karen – functional testing B. Donna Draper – Scenar C. Hazel & Debbie – QEST4 Asyra training Q&A

1045 – Break

1115 – Exploring Phenolic Sensitivity Lois Duquesnoy

1215 – QEST4/Asyra Technical Bulletin Paul Newman

1245 – Lunch

1400 – Qest4/Asyra Radionics Carol Galloway

1430 – Holistic Dentistry John Ahearne

1530 – Break

1600 – Qest4/Asyra Future Developments and Q&A Panel

1700 – Close

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