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IMPORTANT NOTE: to take advantage of the information on this page you need to have access to the Qest Essentials Practitioner Portal at You may have registered, or you may have been pre-registered. If not sure, try logging in with the email you used to communicate with your distributor. If you cannot verify your registration, you can contact us using the contact form on this site or by email.

Update for Qest USB / Asyra systems March 2021: on some new PCs, the drivers will not install automatically by download and the FTDI chip drivers must be manually installed. Download the driver files from this link and then follow the instructions in the Manual Setup section of this document.

New User Setup Support

Until your training is completed, please do not raise support tickets through the Qest Essentials site (despite the suggestion in the online training modules). Contact your distributor or trainer by email or via the new user support group for assistance.

Installing on Mac with Parallels Desktop

Please be aware that installations on Mac computers are not officially supported, but many users have used Qest4 successfully on a Mac for many years. At the time of writing in February 2022, we have experienced some COM port connection failures with newer Mac computers with the M1 chip. Our advice to people wishing to use Qest4 with Mac computers is not to regard it as guaranteed to work and to have a backup solution of a Windows based PC.

Moving to a new PC

Moving your installation to duplicate or replace it on a new computer is a very simple process of copying the C:/Qest4 or C:/AsyraPro directory to the new computer and plugging in the device. The article below gives full details.

Version 5.0 update - Support for version 4.X is no longer available (March 2022)

If you bought your system after around January 2020, you probably already have the version 5 software, in which case you can ignore the section below. If your version is, then this is aimed at you.

Update to version 5.0 should trigger automatically.  If you do not have version 5.0 and your system does not update automatically, please contact us by raising a support ticket or emailing us.

To get the most from your new software, and to get a complimentary refresher training on Qest4 / Asyra principles and practice, access the Level 1 and Level 2 training in your My Training section of the Qest Essentials Practitioner Portal and work your way through the slides and videos, at least those that look helpful to you.  (A complete run through of all the materials would be 10 hours of study.) 

If you are considering whether to change your test setup to add in some of those that are provided by default for new users installing version 5, please read here is an article discussing the possibilities.


Quite a lot of the scans that are new to the default installation of version 5 can be imported.  The section in the Qest Essentials Practitioner Portal showing how to import protocols is here:

Some of the files below contain multiple sets of import files with a separator defining exactly what is in there, so take care when passing each new set of 4 files into the import-export buffer.

Generic scans including informational

Anatomy scans

Animal scans


A note on graphics settings in Windows: if you have a high-res screen you may find that the version 5 software window extends off the screen. If this happens, go to Windows Display Settings and check the screen magnification. If it is set to 150%, reduce it to 125%. That normally solves the problem.

Technical support

All technical support is provided from the portal.  You can browse search the FAQs and articles and raise tickets

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