Qest4 in Health Coaching

Health and Wellness coaching fills a very important space, between a client’s efforts at self-help and the variety of specialised professions in the health and wellness arena. 

With growing interest in health and wellness coaching, it’s worthwhile to invest not only in your skills, but also in technology that can turn a good practice into a great practice.

Bioenergetic testing with the Qest4 system can help your health coaching practice really stand out from the crowd.

The Qest4 gives real-time insights in a totally non-invasive way based on resonance and response testing. Think of it like electronic muscle testing but faster, more wide-ranging and with much less bias.

Every coach knows that clients come with a range of issues that they want to work on, and they are usually focused on the symptoms rather than the root cause. As a coach your role is to help find strategies and changes that will take effect quickly, but also to delve deeper into what is driving their health challenges.

Of course in reality, symptoms result from a mix of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes. This means it is not always easy, particularly on a first or second meeting, to know what needs to be addressed first. Testing with Qest4 scans across a wide range of data to bring priority items to the fore, helping you to make sure that the relevant aspects that need to come into awareness are highlighted even if they have not been part of your conversation.

Emotional support

The Qest4 library includes a number of filters you can use to explore outdated emotional patterns or beliefs and what changes the client needs to make, helping to remove emotional blocks, and enable the client to see things with fresh eyes. A variety of these are at your fingertips for testing:

  • flower essences
  • affirmations
  • symptom-emotion correlation 
  • generational emotional mapping

Diet and lifestyle

These are some of the most important areas for you as a coach to help develop initial guidance. The Qest4 can help look at reactivity to foods, potential response to different diet plans, and energetically test products or supplements to help select the best choice for the client.


Everyone has stressors: some obvious and some less obvious. Stress may be environmental, relationship-driven or due to inner conflicts. It may show up in tension or in the digestive system or as mental health symptoms.  Revealing stressors using the Qest4 system can be an amazing motivator to help the client be more aware of what is having an effect.

Western and Eastern models of wellness

The variety of test libraries in the Qest4 system include many that have been developed from traditional medical systems such as the meridian map of the body, Five Elements theory and the chakra system. These bring an additional dimension

Generational Influences

One of the most fascinating libraries in the system looks at how inter-generational influences may be guiding a client to certain decisions or experiencing certain stressors.

With the Qest4 at your fingertips, coaching your client has never been easier in guiding them to make the choices to make positive progress in their wellness journey.

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