Qest4 in Homeopathic Practice

When we consider incorporating bioenergetic testing into our homeopathic practice, one of the biggest concerns is how to achieve our goals without compromising on our homeopathic principles – including the Vital Force, the Law of Similars, Single Remedy, Minimum Dose, Individual Treatment, Symptom Totality and Direction of Cure.

As homeopaths, our goals in the consultation room are:-

  • see what is presenting as available for healing
  • identify the underlying cause of disturbance 
  • understand the ‘feeling’ or ‘sensation’ of a case
  • decide what remedy to prescribe
  • remove blocks to cure
  • empower the client to implement lifestyle changes

The Qest4 is valuable in helping to achieve these important goals by identifying the energetic blueprint that vibrationally matches aspects of our clients that need to be brought to awareness. In so doing, any stress or depletion disturbances can be rectified by giving informational signatures that support, balance and desensitize the body.  

For clients with complex health issues, knowing where to start can be difficult.  Qest4 informational biofeedback speaks to the innate intelligence of a person so that it can identify and address the causal priority, including, but not limited to, things such as: physical or emotional trauma, environmental toxins, geopathic stressors, food sensitivities, meridian disturbance, etc.

The Qest4 will also give an excellent guide to specific homeopathic remedies that might be helpful for each client’s health concerns, in addition to providing helpful symptom support by tapping into its vast libraries of informational signatures.

In addition to all of this, the Qest4 supplies miasmatic, sarcode and isotherapy support. Health concerns will be prioritized, giving you the ability to build a unique and powerful energetic remedy to go alongside any traditional homeopathics that you may prescribe.  

Imprinted energetic information can be added to blank imprint bottles, blank pillules, patches and cyrstals.  The low-level laser provides another medium for the energetic information, perfect for using with animals. Even base creams can be imprinted, enabling topical application focused on specific areas of the body.

Qest4 complements the holistic nature of homeopathy completely, recognising that the healing process works with both the tangible and intangible, encompassing body, mind and spirit. 

Qest4 includes a full range of:

  • Homeopathic signatures (taken from Murphy’s Meteria Medica)
  • Cell salts
  • Miasms
  • Constitutional signatures (well known polychrest remedies)
  • Sarcodes
  • Nosodes

For deeper emotional support the database includes:

  • Affirmations
  • Positive emotions
  • Generational insight
  • Flower remedies (including Bach, Bush, Californian, Alaskan, amongst others)
  • Essential oil signatures

Explore the Qest4 library.

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