Are you a Kinesiologist looking to gain deeper insights into your clients’ health?

Qest4 energetic testing complements your kinesiology training and experience by testing the client’s response to thousands of informational signatures, all within minutes.

We know that as a kinesiologist you like to get to the root of the problem with your client, whether it’s physical, emotional, chemical or electromagnetic. Kinesiology muscle response testing is an incredible tool to pinpoint problem areas and establish priority. But we think you’ll agree, it can be a very time consuming process. Often clients have layers of issues that you are working through, leaving you wondering at times where to start.

finding the root cause

This is where the Qest4 is an incredible complementary tool for kinesiologists, helping you to get to the bottom of your clients’ issues much faster.  Adding a Qest4 to your practice gives you an extended set of tools of thousands of energetic items. Think of it as having access to thousands of test vials.

Many practitioners start by running the Qest4 Comprehensive Analysis test, which assesses the client’s response to over 4,000 informational signatures within three to five minutes, organised in priority order.

The Qest4 libraries of data cover many different aspects of health from physiology and biochemistry to emotions and affirmations. The Qest4 can help look at reactivity to foods, potential response to different diet plans, and energetically test products or supplements to help select the best choice for the client.  The database is loaded with hundreds of pre-configured options, and you can also add your own favourite products and brands for testing, saving you time and effort.  For more information visit the Qest4 Database.

Once an individualised set of signatures is identified, using this resonance-response process, the information can then be ‘re-imprinted’ by output from the system, with a liquid medium, or laser light, used as a carrier.

With thousands of informational signatures at your fingertips, from nutrients and foods, bacteria and hormones, emotions and flower essences, the Qest4 gives you deeper and faster insight into the issues your clients present with.

Qest4 energetic testing, partnered with your kinesiology skills, will give you the edge, helping your kinesiology practice to stand out from the crowd!

Why not call us for an informal chat or to book your personal demo on +44 (0)1730 237248? Our team of trainers include kinesiologists already using the system in their day-to-day practice.

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