Qest4 Testing in a Nutritional Practice

Nutritional therapists recognise that every client is unique, and no one approach, supplement, or diet is a panacea for the client to resolve their health.

Case taking gives us the history of our client’s health, outlining the things they remember causing them problems over the years, often missing out huge swathes of their life history which could also be a factor. This potted view of a person’s story allows us to hear about the progression of the client’s health journey to where they are now but can at times leave us with gaps in understanding of why their health is the way it is.

bioenergetic testing for suitable foods

Being confident in knowing the priority issues and where to start, with what can be a long list of health issues, can prove time consuming and, at times, difficult to get absolutely right.

This is where the Qest4 excels. Testing reveals an individual’s response to potentially thousands of energetic patterns, presenting the information in a prioritised format to help you focus your treatment approach.

Many nutritionally focussed practitioners will run the Qest4 Comprehensive Analysis as a foundation test to bring a whole-person perspective to the consultation. While this test incorporates a wide array of functional data sets, it also incorporates mental-emotional, body-mind and energetic patterns that can broaden the client’s awareness of how lifestyle and psycho-spiritual patterns affect health.

Focused information tests quickly gather information from filters such as nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters, foods, heavy metals, pathogens, parasites, bacterial and fungal signatures, to very quickly create a picture of what could be, and potentially has been, reducing the client’s ability to recover and have good health.

Qest4 bio-energetic testing can help the practitioner to focus on whether it’s the right time to incorporate a specific dietary approach or focus on nutrient intake, to confidently choose lifestyle changes that could make all the difference, and to energetically test products or supplements to help select the best choice for the client.

While bio-energetic testing in-person has the advantage of involving the client directly in the process, the option to use Qest4 remotely, means we can run tests in advance of meeting with the client, giving you time to run any number of tests and analyse the results.

A foundation principle of Qest4 bio-energetic testing is that every person is endowed with Innate Intelligence, that ‘knows’ what is needed and in what order. The highly specific information your Intelligence selects from the Qest4 testing procedure is imprinted or copied into a medium using the test plate and acts like a software program for the Innate Intelligence. This ability to produce uniquely personalised imprinted remedies for the client is a valuable addition to a nutrition-orientated practice.  

The flexibility of the Qest4 can reflect our scope of practice and knowledge, over time building our confidence and building our client base.

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