Qest4 Training

The QEST4 comes with a comprehensive new user training combining online learning with personal support from the QEST4 training team.

Beyond foundation training, we offer an additional ongoing programme of events to expand practitioner knowledge and understanding.

Start your journey with the comprehensive online training. Designed so that you can learn at your own pace through video tutorials and self-assessment quizzes, the course guides you step by step through the principles of energy medicine, the basics of how to use your Qest4, through to more advanced techniques. 

Once you have covered the basics, we invite you to visit our fully operational Qest4 clinic for a 2-day classroom training, so you can benefit from hands-on exchange with other practitioners. If you are in a location that makes travel to our centre difficult, we can arrange a series of one-to-one online sessions, punctuated by practice time.


Qest4 Learning Journey

Foundation Level 1

Online training. Included in purchase price.

  • How does the Qest4 work?
  • Getting to know your machine
  • How to access technical support
  • Software Overview
  • Managing client data
  • Editing the reports to include your clinic identity
  • Basic steps for testing
  • Using the Test Plate
  • Basics of making an energetic remedy
  • Using Qest4 laser therapy

Foundation Level 2

Online training. Included in purchase price.

  • A regular consultation
  • Interpretation of results
  • Creating and editing tests
  • Creating a unique client remedy
  • Using the Qest4 laser
  • Creating off-the-shelf remedies
  • Isotherapy
  • Importing products
  • Creating client reports

See detailed contents of online training.

New User Classroom* Training

2-days in our Qest4 dedicated clinic with our practitioner trainer team. Included in purchase price.

  • Practical review of Level 1 and Level 2
  • Sample consultations
  • Interpreting results
  • Getting creative
  • Customising the system for your practice
  • Building protocols
  • Importing products
  • Surrogate/remote testing
  • *Virtual classroom attendance for remote students.

Further Training

Evolve your practice through our ongoing schedule of events drawing on the expertise from our worldwide Qest4 community.

  • Qest International  Conference – annual live online event
  • Qest4 Think Tank – annual US-based conference
  • Webinar programs from Qest4 team and third-party trainers on specific protocols.
  • Practice Days (classroom)
  • One-to-one training for individual needs
  • Online practice sessions
  • Facebook practitioner private peer discussion group

Meet the training team

Jane Piper

Jane leads the new user training and the Qest International online conferences. Her practice combines bio-energetic testing with naturopathic nutrition and kinesiology, from where she also brings educational experience.

Hazel Drummond

Hazel became on of the first users of the Asyra system in Europe, and continues to practice with it, drawing on her background in psychotherapy, homeopathy and nutrition. Hazel offers individual trainings and webinars.

Deborah Walker

Deborah has recently joined our new user training team, with a background in writing training materials and a 10 year career as a naturopath incorporating Asyra/ Qest4 with every client in her busy clinic.

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