The Qest4 is the perfect addition to Wellness Retreat programmes

The complete package

Give your clients a wellness experience to remember using Qest4 energetic testing. Gain instant insight of the client’s response to thousands of informational signatures carried out at the beginning or during their retreat programme. Energetic testing with the Qest4 system complements your clinicians own work, helping them to formulate a personalised programme during their spa visit, for instance dietary advice, product recommendations, exercise routines and additional treatments offered in your facility.

Well-being assessment at the touch of a button

Delivering maximum impact for every individual in a wellness retreat setting requires getting the best insight from the very start of the visit. Using Qest4 as part of an intake consultation is a powerful way to bring focus onto what will be of maximum benefit to each individual joining your programme. Reports can be generated to pass to your specialist therapists, and the Qest4 gives a unique kind of interactive engagement that brings vibrancy to any consultation.

Training tailored for your needs

Training can be matched to the needs of your entire team. Our trainers draw upon many years of experience in using energetic testing to help you configure the Qest4 system to meet the needs of your unique brand and wellness programmes.  The wide scope of the Qest4 libraries supports a broad spectrum of practices from nutritional and naturopathic, through to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and everything in between.

“Complementing Marbella Club's naturopathic approach is the Qest4 bioenergetic testing system, which provides the wellness team with information about the energetic origins of any underlying health problems and in turn laying the foundation for all retreats and lifestyle programmes. As a result, all programmes are fully personalised to provide guests with the knowledge and tools to practice forms of self-betterment and inner healing.”
Marbella Club

Wellness retreats who are already using Qest

Marbella Club


Chenot Palace


Venivici Health Club & Urban Spa


Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat And Spa Village


Edem Resort & Spa


Clinica Eliade


Hotel Palace Merano Spa




Qest4 gives you peace of mind

Robust 5-year warranty

Software updates as standard, leaving you with no ongoing software costs

Customisable software

Extensive testing database of 40,000 individual signatures

Fully tailored training package tailored for your needs

Technical support is included

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